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About Stanley

Stanley is a Comic Strip, about a man who is looking for love, but fails at every opportunity.  The man in question, Stanley Ledbetter, can be described as harmless, but somewhat odd.  Rather than embracing his eccentricities, He is world weary and resigned to living in a world that he doesn’t understand and that doesn’t understand him. 

About the Creator/Writer

The Strip was created and written by the Poet-Cartoonist Paul H. Tubb, a man who is more normally associated with writing Nonsense Verse and Songs, along with silly illustrations, for Children.  As he approached his 40th birthday, he decided it is about time he started composing works more sombre in tone to befit his advancing years,  then he suppressed this ridiculous notion and decided to create something he had wanted to do for a long time.  Paul has been obsessed with Comics and Comic Strips since he was a young boy.  Beginning by reading Charles M Schulz’s Peanut’s, the Beano, The Dandy and Asterix Books, this cemented this love that has continued to grow through the years…  A comic strip always seemed beyond him, until now and this makes Stanley very pleasing to him.

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